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Print-Ready Artwork

If artwork is provided, please provide in preferred print ready vector format (.ai, .eps, .pdf). Rasterised images (.jpg, .tif, .gif) may require graphic design work and will incur additional charges, which are not caluclated as part of the estimate.

Estimate Only

Estimates are not a firm quote and are intended as an indication only. If there is any doubt or you require a firm quote, please contact us on (02) 7903 7999 or email

Pantone Colours

If you have specified Pantone colours in your design. Select "Yes" so our team of talented graphic designers can check the artwork and make sure you are selecting the best product and get the most accurate pricing.

What is a Blocker?

A blocker is an extra layer in the transfer that stops dye-migration from sublimated and heavily dyed polyesters. If you are not sure, give us a call and we can discuss what fabric you are applying the transfer to and if you will need a Blocker.

Minimum Quantities

25 units - UltraColour
50 units - UltraFlex


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UltraColour uses a CMYK colour process and Pantone colours will be reproduced as closely as possible but may differ from Pantone colours specified.

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